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Taster (Level 1)
Description At this level, you will practice various skills on land that will transfer to the water for the next level. Skills covered include assessing the wind and the physical location, using the safety systems, managing proper equipment setup, controlling the training kite and finally, flying the actual full sized kite. If the wind is strong enough, you will also get to body-drag in water to experience the power of the kite! My intention is not only to impart to you the knowledge but also to get you to fly the actual kite as quickly as possible, without compromising safety. This is also a good course to check out if this sport is for you, without having to invest in expensive equipment. Many of the skills you learn here will help you when you take the Intermediate course (Level 2), so you will save time and money.
Prerequisite Any healthy individual above 12 years old.
Achievement Become certified up to Level 1. Know basic kite theory. Able to fly trainer kite at edge of wind window. Able to fly trainer kite at power zone. Able to execute safety drill associated with full-size relaunchable kites. Able to fly full-size relaunchable kite at edge of wind window. You have been introduced to the sport and are now ready to continue safely
Duration 2 hours
Intermediate (Level 2)
Description Time to get wet! Here you will practice the skills learned in level 1, this time with full power and in the water. I will show you how to gain power and drag with control both down and upwind. Once you have these skills mastered, you will be ready to try out some water starts on the board.
Prerequisite Level 1 or equivalent skill level. Be able to swim.
Achievement Become certified up to level 2 with the IKO Member Card. You have mastered the basics of kite control, and flying the kite in water. Now you are ready to start riding the board under supervision.
Duration 4 to 8 hours depending on student ability.
Independent (Level 3)
Prerequisite Level 2 or equivalent skill level
Achievement Able to ride upwind and back. Become certified up to level 3 with the IKO Member Card. After completing this level, you will be an independent kiteboarder.
Duration 6 to 20 hours depending on student ability.